We are scaling to become an electronic shop for all Sellers and the Buyers all over the world, with our market having everything available for sale and purchase.

You can Buy and sell BMN on Exchanges Soon

Circulating Supply will be 300,000 BMN

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What makes us different to the rest?

Our online store will be the first online store to accept payments in digital currencies also with our Token ( BMN ).

Anyone who owns our Token can buy anything from our store online After its opening .

Our Circulating Supply Batman is very low, so With Very low supply and increased demand,With our support activities and marketing campaigns Which We will provide to Reach all people, and with development of our tokens, this will create a very good value of our token .

A few reasons why everyone will choose BatmanToken.

Fast Transaction

Transactions on BMN takes place within seconds. 100 times faster than Bitcoin.

Low Fees

Transaction fees are so low that they won't affect you. We charge below moderate.


Transactions are P2P.


Your account is secured with us.


Our system runs smoothly


It's easy to use.

The wallet would allow users to track their transactions in real time via it’s platform.
For security/authentication/encryption features:

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Domain validated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates
  • Multi signature wallet
  • SMS Validation/authentication
  • Secure Private Crypto Key

Frequently Asked Question.

Most likely asked question from our members.

Q Why your team do not show his face ?

The BatmanToken Team would love to show you the business behind Batman Token, our project very proud of our technology and what will have achieved,The Batman Team feel that crypto currencies should remain anonymous and free from the regulation of any one central government Also because crypto fundamentals in anonymity and we are holding to the basics.

Q Which Coin Will accepted for Batman project ?

Several payment methods will be accepted and after customers get used Always to buying from our store, We will be accepted our BMN only.

QWhat you will do to protect tokens holders from Dumpers ?

As you know we have total Supply is low, and Circulating Supply will very low and the Quantity available in Circulating Supply will be in the hands of many people, It is therefore impossible anyone to have a large quantity from tokens that can Dumpers him tokens.

Q Type token BMN Security or Utility ?

of course, Utility.

Join BatmanToken Eco-system. This is the future of the commerce industry.

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